Creative consulting and design by Alex Stevovich
How I Design
esign is a journey where I follow a few principles: 1. The mood, good memories and interactions along the way imbue into the design. Human moments can become strong notes on what emerges. 2. Every creative puzzle might already be solved in nature, answers are found by viewing and sketching the natural world for inspiration. 3. Design is always an exploration, each project a fresh start.
Who I Am
focus of my work has always been on bringing people together. I’m naturally quiet and shy so communication has been something I’ve thought about. I studied at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 2004, Industrial Design) where my college thesis and studies were focused on discovering a process that resonated with creativity, communication, and connectivity. Upon graduating from RISD I founded Transomnebulism in 2005.

I’m from Boston but Transomnebulism has sent me all over the country, making amazing friends and memories along the way. It wouldn’t have been possible by myself and I want to give my deepest thanks to everyone who has helped, supported, and believed in me. Outside of business I paint, play guitar, and there's something about being at the beach that feels so good.

Alex Stevovich
Creative Director
The Voice of Reason
Images shown are not to scale.
ith a passion for artistic expression I'm proficient in many mediums - I’m able to draw, paint, and sculpt with an attuned eye for composition and color. My skill set covers the entire arena of visual design:
Visual Design

- Scholar in composition, color theory, art history, movements, and artists which I can use and borrow.

- Years of hands on experience in typography.

- Trained photographer both digital and analog.

- Hands on craftsman that can handle jewelry, fine-metal, metal, wood, and plastics.

- An illustrator, for all occasions including stories, covers, user interface, and promotional.

- I'm careful not let my own style interfere with the client's vision and message, however; if you want to set me free, I have a bold, on the edge aesthetic that will stand out and draw attention.


- My multi-disciplinary skill set allows me to take projects from conceptualization to completion, creating a unity to assure the outcome aligns with the client's vision.

- A writing and English background allows me to serve as a secondary editor. I can manage and conclude raw or unedited text content for print, web and branding concepts.

- I’m comfortable interacting with print houses and publishers. With more than 15 completed books and 1000s of printed pages in layout experience, I know the fine points and details to attain strong results.

Team and Communication

- I'm an adaptable team-centric designer that is focused on the goals of the project over my own vision.

- I’m able to meet, liaison and help promote, with a professionalism that exceeds the expectations of any industry.


- I'm an artist first and a techie second, using tech solutions to aid an artistic vision instead of saturating and defining the project. I strive for a quality handcrafted feel even in tech heavy projects.

- Experienced in a majority of modern professional grade visual creative tools, primarily the Autodesk and Adobe families.

- Lingual in all relevant computing languages and scripts, including Javascript, ActionScript2, ActionScript3 C#, C+, Ruby, Python. Web based languages such as HTML 5, CSS, PHP, JQuery. Popular data storage notation such as JSON and XML

Film and Interface

- Able to oversee and generate films, shorts, stings, intros, and user interfaces of any kind from start to finish.

- Generate unique special effects and transitions, in both 2D and 3D spaces.

- A talent for cinematic story telling that will combine the visuals and audio into a bold and memorable experience.

- For more complex projects that require 3D work, I'm an experienced animator, rigger and mesh builder.

- Audio management, mixing, editing, optimizing, and export.

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